Artistic Director and Horticulturalist

Favourite plant?

Agapanthus because I received a big bunch of them when my son was born. But saying that Iris is actually my favourite! I love them all, there is a favourite of mine in every season!

What inspires you in the garden and in your designs?

I have always been involved in gardens since I was a child through my mum and nan dragging me around stately homes and all the garden centres. I loved all the flower fairy books and illustrations and my first Saturday job was in a florist. I have studied and worked with plants and flowers ever since. I love certain vintage containers as it reminds me of my childhood and the plants and blooms compliment them well.

Holly and Nikki bring different skills and experiences to every design. Their individual styles complement each other to make up their signature look and the In the Garden Brand!

In the Garden is a small yet growing team and our personal touch to any project is part of the company’s charm!

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