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Hi all, here’s a little about me and some questions I am often asked.

Favourite plant?

For value in the garden Erysimum Bowles Mauve. For pure indulgence a standard Wisteria tree.

For indoors I love variegated and interesting foliage! At the minute I am loving all Philodendrons and Hoya.

What inspires you?

In our urban setting, I want everybody to engage with plants and to be at least a little bit mesmerised by them, even if it’s one plant that takes their fancy, it’s a start. I feel London and cities in particular are experiencing an urban gardening movement, a new generation wanting and arguably needing to bring nature into their lives. I feel our shop and plant stall can engage and captivate people with plants.

Our customers inspire me greatly! Every week someone comes up to me with a particular area in their home, garden or balcony etc for which they struggle to do something with or they feel a lack of space or shady setting is holding them back. This definitely doesn’t need to be the case and this is where we can help!

Lastly, the seasons. Spring and Autumn plants I LOVE. The colours and textures, the heady fragrances of spring scented bulbs and generally I find plant choice more varied in these seasons. I buy what I like and what wows me every week!

Holly and Nikki bring different skills and experiences to every design. Their individual styles compliment each other to make up their signature look and the In the Garden brand!


In the Garden is a small yet growing team and our personal touch to any project is part of the company’s charm!

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