Yep, you read it right! We have FREE local delivery on orders of £25 and over!

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Delivery available elsewhere but with a small charge.

So what’s in store?

Indoor & outdoor plants and planted arrangements! Please get in touch if you are looking for something not listed on the website via email or phone… holly@inthegardenuk.com.

Thank you!


Alicante Cream Pearl Pot 24x22cm                                  £35

Concrete Pot Old Green/red 12x10cm                               £5

Concrete Pot Old Grey/red 18x17cm                                £17.50

Dobra Old Pink Pot Metal 16x18cm                                  £25

Dubai Olive Gold Pot 16x14cm                                        £17.50

Rust Rack + 3-glass Pots 46x14x16cm                             £32

Succulent Pot 9x7cm Assorted A Piece                            £14



Adiantum raddianum Fragrans 12Ø 30cm                £7.00

White Anthurrium 17cm pot £22.50

Red Anthurrium 12cm pot £12

Campanula Blue 10.5cm pot £4

Hydrangea pin 13cm pot £12

Cactus mix 12m pot From £8.50

Calathea mix 17cm pot £22.50

Calathea Sanderiana 12Ø 35c   £16.50

Hoya linearis 14Ø £20

Nephrolepis exa. Bostoniensis 12Ø 30cm £8

Fern mix 12cm £8.50

Euphorbia acrurensis 18Ø 65cm                                       £30

Zamioculcas zamifolia 12Ø 35cm 3st                                 £8


Bellis Rusher mix 9Ø 20cm                                              £1.75

Hyacinth solo £2 or 3 or £5

Hyacinth 3’s £3.50

Fritillaria meleagris 9Ø 12cm                                             £3

Iris mix 9Ø 12cm                                                             £2.50

Hyacint arr. 26Ø 16cm 3pp £25 plain, £30 embellished.

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