Super Spathiphyllum


[ The Peace lily ]

A plant that keeps on giving! Where to start?…. It has great air cleansing qualities, it flowers, great foliage and is easy to care for!

In a little more detail, the Super Spathiphyllum can tolerate lower light levels in the home and likes a place that has more humidity. Think rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. Keep the soil moist, approximately every 5-7 days watering is a good guide. If the leaves turn yellow it means you are over watering, similarly if the leaves are dropping, you are under watering. Dead head fading blooms to encourage new growth and even when the plant isn’t showing flowers, the Peace Lily shines with its glossy green leaves!

Give the super P more light in winter for a spring display of blooms. 

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Dimensions 17 × 75 cm
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