Hello October!
It’s not goodbye to Summer, it is HELLO Autumn!

A season I love!… Autumn doesn’t signify the end of summer, it is the welcoming of the harvest, of berries, brambles and hedge rows, the fiery tones in the garden, textures of grasses and structural shrubs really come into their own!

It’s also a HELLO to our NEW online market store! A place for you to shop with us, to participate in our plant world when you can’t visit our pop up market shops! We are reaching out and want to share our love of plants and gardening!

HELLO AUTUMN MEANS HELLO JOBS! Straight into what to do this season:

Whatever the outdoor space available to you, get those window boxes fresh! SHOP one of our winter schemes and get ready for the season!

For those with larger gardens, autumn is the perfect time for a thorough cleanup that includes pruning and cutting back any plants that need it. Since most perennials have already withered away by this point, it’s recommended that you give them a haircut. Additionally, while the ground is still warm enough, take the opportunity to lift and divide any crowded herbaceous perennials. These maintenance tasks can really give your lawn a boost and help it thrive come springtime.

Don’t forget to plant your spring bulb display, it will be worth it next year!

If trees and shrubs need rejigging and moving to another place, now is the time to do it! اسماء ورق الدومينو

Marbella monsteraINDOOR GARDENS:

Be aware that your indoor gardens are feeling the autumn chill now just as much as we do so here are a few things to consider this month to keep your plant family alive!

It is key is to keep a tropical atmosphere and to mimic the plant’s natural environment!

First up, your Tropicals – green leaf indoor plants:

TEMPERATURE: Your tropicals will require humidity, their own little microclimate! No drafts, no cold, no radiator. افضل العاب على الانترنت they want to be consistently warm! Challenge accepted?!

LIGHT: Consistent natural light for the longest possible time.

MOISTURE: Watering is decreased over the winter months. Test the soil with your finger first. You know your plant and you know when it is too dry and dusty. When it needs a water, water well, let your plant drain and then back into its position.

HUMIDITY: I am not a big fan of misting plants indoors but it’s pretty much necessary this time of year, pretty much every week! Not a drenching, a misting!

As stated by gardening experts on this blog, cacti and succulent plants that have been outside and thriving on our warm summer days now need to find a new home indoors.

A checklist of criteria to keep them happy and flourishing over the winter months:

LIGHT: The brightest possible spot you have! They will need at least a few hours of sun a day.

MOISTURE: In short, not a lot! If too wet they will rot and nobody wants this! It is vital not to over water and it is now not necessary to feed your cactus and succs until the spring. Infrequent watering now, about every 3 weeks to once a month would be great for these plants!

TEMPERATURE: Cactus actually don’t mind lower temperatures indoors during winter – it’s their dormant period – but your succulents want to be in slightly milder temps. Think  window sill for cactus and sideboard for succs!

Neglect is key here!

Autumn tones in the garden

Right, it’s a month of NEW so go on folks, get those gloves on and get in your gardens this autumn! العاب محمد صلاح 2022 Refresh and reset!

Remember, planting and gardening isn’t just for summer!

Over and out for now,


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